Roger Tessier

Long-time computer industry systems engineer, instructor, team leader, project manager, software architect, consultant, manager, project manager, executive, software developer, yada yada, now semi-retired, but still looking up to see what's coming down.

I'm Roger Tessier. I have been in the computer industry since I joined IBM Canada in 1967, fresh out of university. Approximately 20 years of my career were at IBM, but I also worked at

There's a rambling narrative of my professional history here.

I now do business through my company, JRT Software Services Inc.

My main online activity is through Picasa web albums. There, for example, I post a daily shot of our backyard, like this and this. If I do this for another 20 years or so, I'm thinking it provide a valuable record of the effects of climate change.

I'm also on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but I'm not very active in any of these places.

Currently I develop and maintain a cool piece of software for two international companies that implement the Team Syntegrity methodology for their clients. Of all the software I've worked on, this has probably been the most satisfying, because it's used every day by powerful teams doing wonderful work. Most other things I worked on either failed outright or quickly evaporated, even though some of it was pretty good, if I do say so myself, me what shouldn't.

Most importantly, I collaborated in the making of a scientist and teacher, in whom I am well pleased.